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Expungement Attorney in Youngstown

Guiding Clients Through The Expungement Process in Ohio

If you have a criminal conviction on your record, you may be able to get it cleared and sealed from public view. This option, known as expungement, offers immense relief and numerous benefits for people who qualify. Unfortunately, not everybody is qualified to expunge their record. Only first-time offenders are eligible, and only individuals who have been convicted of certain crimes may qualify.

If so, our legal team can get to work right away on clearing your criminal record. Backed by over a decade of experience, our attorney is highly effective in this area of law and can guide you every step of the way. You can trust us to provide you with aggressive and relentless representation.

Call our firm today at (330) 299-4077 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our Youngstown expungement attorney.

What are the Benefits of Expungement in Ohio?

When you apply for certain licenses, submit a housing application, or apply for a job, a criminal conviction can significantly hamper your chances of success. Landlords may view you as a liability, and employers frequently distrust individuals who have criminal records.

After expunging your record, most landlords and employers will not be able to view your past conviction. In most interviews and applications, you can truthfully answer that you do not have a criminal record. At the law practice of Rhys Brendan Cartwright-Jones, Attorney & Counselor at Law, our Youngstown expungement attorney can help you figure out if you are eligible for expungement.

What are the Requirements For Expungement?

To be eligible for expungement in Ohio, you must:

  • Have no previous expungements
  • Not have any pending criminal charges or traffic violations against you
  • Have waited at least one year since the end of serving your sentence
  • Not have been required to serve a mandatory prison sentence
  • Be a first-time offender
  • Have been convicted of a crime qualifying for expungement (a majority of felonies and violent offenses do not qualify)

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