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Steps to Becoming a Lawyer

I have always enjoyed my law career, it is important to start working hard in high school. It is necessary that one obtains a high school degree, and plans on going to a four-year college or university following their graduation. In college, there is not necessarily a particular major that one needs to become a lawyer, so you still have the opportunity to explore your interests. However, majors or classes in History, English, Political Science, or Business are some areas which may prepare you for the type of work/studying you will be doing when you get to law school, so these may be some classes to explore to see if becoming a lawyer is the choice for you.

After college, the next step is taking your Law School Admissions Test, more commonly known as the LSAT. There are plenty of courses/books that can help you prepare for this test, which will be extremely beneficial to your performance on the test. While you are preparing for the test or waiting to receive your results, you should start looking into Law Schools to attend. There are plenty of resources available to help you gain more insight to schools, their rigor, price, prestige, and so on.

Applying to Law School is another important component to the process. Many applications require an essay to accompany the application itself, in order to gain a better insight to your writing abilities. It is important that your writing be thorough, thoughtful and honest. Be sure to write multiple drafts and really make your application and writing the best it can possibly be, as much of your work in Law School will be writing-intensive.

Once you are accepted to a Law School, you can expect to take classes revolving around the foundation of our countries laws, in subjects such as Property Law, Criminal Law, Contracts, and so on. You will take various law classes, but also specific requirements based on the area of law you wish to make your practice. Law School is a 3 year commitment when attended as a full time student.

When you complete Law School, there is one more step: the Bar Exam. The Bar Exam is administered through the state, each state having its own. Passing of the Bar Exam will only allow you to practice law in the state in which you took your bar exam. In some states, the Bar Exam is not the last step. It is often the case that a new lawyer be motioned up in front of a judge, during which process he or she takes an oath saying they agree to practice law in an ethical manner and as best as they are able.

Becoming a lawyer can seem like a daunting journey, and understandably so. But with hard work, dedication and determination, you can get to where you want to be and will have a wonderful, rewarding career to show for all your time put into the process.